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Mind Reader

Now your iPhone and your iPod Touch can read your mind. Just a small simple app is needed "Mind Reader". It will read your mind tell you what you choose. I bet all of your friends would be shocked and surprised by this app. This app is simply the best free app ever you may want to install on your iPhone/ iPod Touch. It is recommended to never perform it more than 2 times to each person. NEW- MindReader for PC - Grab your copy now!

Mind Reader

How much it cost?

It is 100% Free. No Ads! No $$$ to spend! No Trial Version. It is completely free, yet simply the best. To support us, please refer your friends to our website.


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How to install?

Installing Mind Reader on your iPhone/iPod Touch is as easy as 1,2,3. Just follow the steps below to get your Mind Reader active on your iPhone/iPod Touch quickly.
Step 1: Open your Safari browser in your iPhone/iPod Touch
Step 2: Type in this address: [Note: Visiting this URL using your PC/MAC will land you on this page, it is required for you to use it in your iPhone or iPod Touch]
Step 3: Click the + sign at the bottom.
Step 4: Enjoy! You have successfully installed it in your iPhone. Now, you will see a Mind Reader icon on your iPhone app list. Just click it to launch the app. Note: This app requires internet connection. I am working on it and soon will launch a offline version of so, stay tuned (you may subscribe to our newsletter).


Here is what people have said about this freaky unbelievable cool iPhone app:
"This really shocked my friends" - Laura
"I've fooled 23 friends of mine, none of them discovered the truth yet" - John
"OMG! My friend Henry was shocked and he was like how the hell this thing read my mind" - Swetaorb

What is this app all about?

This app is all about growing-up teens to help them and it runs on iPhone and iPod Touch and is the no. 1 provider of flirt tips and pickup lines. Many people have considered this as the coolest iPhone App ever, Best iPhone app ever made, Best iPhone app for teens, coolest and useful iPhone webapp, Best iPhone app for Teenagers, the best iPhone webapp ever developed and Top iPhone web app.